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Xerox Equipment Malfunction

Xerox equipment are changing figures when printing.

Review of the Ricoh MPC3002ad

Review of the Ricoh MPC3002ad.

Advanced photocopier features

Your new photocopier is a large investment, and it must be able to do everything you need it to do now, as well as in years to come. Some features will be more necessary for you than others, and there will be a few that you didn't even know you needed!

Colour or Monochrome Photocopier

The question to purchase or lease a colour photocopier or monochrome photocopier depends on your business needs, and how much print and copy volume you produce is colour or monochrome.

Photocopier servicing considerations

Regular photocopier servicing is compulsory with a service contract and essential to keep your photocopier in optimum working condition. Photocopier servicing contracts are cost effective, will offer you peace of mind and be cheaper than buying consumables and calling out engineers when there’s a problem with your photocopier.