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Fixed Cost Per Page Agreements

Whichphotocopier are able to provide you with the latest equipment with a fixed cost per page which will include everything from installation and delivery, including servicing and consumables.

Reasons to use this agreement:

  • Equipment is provided with no capital outlay
  • No fixed term
  • All payments are tax deductible
  • Greater Flexibility


How does it work?

We take your average quarterly volume and allocate you with a total amount of copies which is worked out by taking your average volume and multiplying that by the number of quarters in the agreement.

Once the average volume has been calculated we can from that point provide you with details of the machine that would suit your requirement as each machine is capable of doing different volumes per quarter, so ultimately we want to ensure we supply you with a device that is not only able to provide you with the functionality that you require but also give you the reliability that you want.

Each quarter you are then billed for the copies that you use until the total amount of copies runs out. At that point you then have the flexibility to be able to upgrade the machine to a newer device or simply place an order for more copies.

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