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Photocopier servicing considerations

Regular photocopier servicing is compulsory with a service contract and essential to keep your photocopier in optimum working condition. Photocopier servicing contracts are cost effective, will offer you peace of mind and be cheaper than buying consumables and calling out engineers when there’s a problem with your photocopier.

Whichphotocopier? provides photocopier servicing for all photocopiers featured on this website. Our friendly team of technicians are highly trained and experienced, covering all manufacturers and models supplied to ensure your photocopier provides first class performance and good reliability throughout its lifecycle.

What is photocopier servicing?

Photocopier servicing is an agreement between you and the photocopier supplier that involves paying a ariable or fixed periodic fee for regular photocopier servicing, maintenance, repair and toner replacement. Photocopier servicing is scheduled  for a fixed number of times per year with toner replacement and repair carried out on call out.

How is photocopier servicing charged?

You are billed in advance or in arrears for the volume you produce depending on the nature of you contract.

Advantages of servicing photocopiers with Whichphotocopier?

  • A national network of 250 qualified technicians around the UK that will service your photocopier at times when it is convenient for you.
  • Manufacturer trained technicians who are audited annually and perform photocopier servicing as specified in the manufacturers service manuals.
  • Standard 4-hour response time within a working week, ensuring you have as little downtime as possible.

Photocopier servicing considerations

  • Are call-outs, labour and parts costs are included in your photocopier servicing contract?
  • Are there any financial penalties for terminating the service agreement before the contract ends?
  • Is there a standard response and repair time? Will a replacement photocopier be offered to limit down time?