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Refurbished and used photocopiers

Whichphotocopier? has experience in dealing with refurbished photocopiers and used photocopiers and can help you decide what make, model and condition is appropriate for your business needs.

One of the most significant benefits of purchasing a refurbished or used photocopier is the cost to your business.

New machines depreciate quickly, and the majority of used or refurbished photocopiers have the same features for a fraction of the price - a two year old photocopier can cost about 50% of the same brand-new model. As well as the tips below, some of the advice and guidelines you need to know when purchasing refurbished photocopiers and used photocopiers is the same as when buying new photocopiers.

Where do refurbished photocopiers come from?

  • Overstocks - photocopiers returned by sellers to make room for new lines
  • Demonstration - used as demo models
  • Customer returns and cancelled orders - photocopiers that leave the warehouse and can no longer be sold as new
  • Damaged - photocopiers with cosmetic flaws, broken parts or damge during shipping
  • These photocopiers then undergo an extensive refurbishing process by the manufacturer or a qualified provider
  • Individuals or businesses that have purchased a photocopier and no longer need it
  • Evaluation and test equipment

Advantages of purchasing used photocopiers

  • Price
  • Availability - if your photocopier breaks and you have consumables and parts in stock, it may be cheaper to buy a second hand model than to change models completely

Disdvantages of purchasing used photocopiers

  • No guarantee - service and repair costs could be high
  • High risk purchase - may be a fault that is undetected on inspection
  • Cosmetics - scratches and dings may make the used photocopier look less appealing